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Social Activities

“We launched donation for those people suffering the earthquake in Yushu, China.


As for strengthening social welfare activities and schedule of this year:

   Along with growth market economic and societies, more and more people are full of social responsibility and public morality. They take civic responsibility as a guide, with love as the driving force, and reconsider the meaning of life, redefine the meaning of wealth. They set an example to advocate "people-oriented, both moral and benefit", so as to achieve a win-win in economic and social benefits.

   since its inception of Wuxi City stainless steel chamber of Commerce, has been focusing on actively participate in public welfare activities, to participate in charity to guide the entrepreneurs to take their own social responsibilities, to contribute to building a harmonious society. Many members have made many useful work, especially our president Mr. Jiyong Zhao actively organizing Baochang to achieve a donation of RMB550,000.00 for those people suffering in "5.12" Wenchuan earthquake, , made an exemplary role for other members of the chamber of commerce.

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